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About us  

From Personal Exploration to

Professional Empowerment

Welcome, fellow growth enthusiasts!

With over 30 years in business, I've worn many hats: Starting a solo adventure from a small town in Germany to Southern California at the age of 19. Working in the big world of IT in Marketing and Sales. Becoming a mom of 3 wonderful children and at the same time diving into Entrepreneurship: Building my own Marketing and Communications Agency - which I run today in a 50/50 partnership with my oldest daughter.  


While I was working full-time, I studied basics of psychology, took mental coaching classes and earned numerous trainer certificates. After all these experiences, I realized my true passion: Helping people and organizations thrive. For the last 15 years, I've been working as a coach and trainer.

I have cultivated expertise in Empathetic Leadership, gained in-depth knowledge in Value Selling, mastered Presentation Skills, strengthened my foundation in Resilience and championed Age Diversity.


My accumulated learnings and successes position me as a trusted expert, ensuring that I not only know the ropes but can effectively train them as well. In our workshops I combine latest insights from applied neuroscience and human behaviour - aiming to bring out the best in everyone.

My goal is to create work-spaces where everyone's skills are recognized, fostered and celebrated. So, whether you aspire to elevate leadership, energize teams and yourself, sell value or nurture personal growth, we can work together to make it happen.

Peggy Kaas

Founder and Managing Director

PS:KAAS GmbH & PS:KAAS Academy SL.

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Strong Partnerships are The Foundation of Success

In the landscape of training and development, collaboration is key.

I'm deeply committed to partnering with experienced trainers and choaches who complement and enhance our shared mission.

Our collaborative network is full of experts who are deeply committed to your progress.


With extensive expertise in marketing, sales, agile innovation, leadership and deep neuroscientific insights, our partners combine their skills to drive impactful change.


They excel in transforming workshops into meaningful experiences 

providing clear and practical guidance.


This ensures that teams perform at their best and

strategies are fine-tuned to meet objectives.


Together, we create a supportive environment for learning, growth and empowerment.

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Peggy is active as a mentor and pitch coach in the Marga Faulstich program. What I always appreciate about her is her warmth, the power and spontaneity she brings with her. [...] Peggy is a great source of inspiration and power house for me - if you have the opportunity to work with her, you should do it!

Caroline Kunert,

Deputy of the central women's representative & coordinator

Marga Faulstich Program at the Humboldt University in Berlin

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