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Team-challenges in hybrid/remote working environments... 


Unlocking the Brain's Secret Needs:

The Operating System Behind High Performance

Imagine having a user manual for your brain—one that uncovers its secrets and empowers you with practical hacks to optimize its every facet.


Uncover the Magic of Applied Neuroscience and bring the "Why" back in your team. 

In today's modern work environments, teams often prioritize the "What" of their tasks over the "How" and "Why". This dynamic impacts motivation, creativity and performance.


Seamlessly integrating with other learning programs, this workshop equips your team with helpful insights on human behaviour.

Armed with this knowledge, you'll face the challenges of the modern workplace head-on, driving toward remarkable outcomes.

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Does the traditional "Top-Down" Leadership still work?


Elevate Your Leadership: Uncover New Dimensions of Empathy, Compassion and Emotional Intelligence.

In the dynamic of today's business world, Empathetic Leadership isn't just a trait; it's a game-changer.

Set sail to unlock your authentic leadership potential

  1. Dive into the science of empathy and witness how its ripple transforms team dynamics and fuels performance.

  2. Craft your emotional intelligence toolkit and watch as your team finds value and engagement in their roles.

  3. Enrich your leadership with purpose and craft a workplace that resonates with empathy.


Let's transform the way you lead and the way your team thrives, making success a shared, meaningful expedition.

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The Three most Common Reasons for Speaking Anxiety!

presentation skills

Embrace the Limelight: Your Journey to Mastering Presentation Skills!

Imagine stepping onto a stage where your voice commands attention, your words captivate the audience, and you radiate unwavering confidence.

However, for many, this vision can seem out of reach. You're not alone in feeling this way. Whether in meetings or customer interactions, many grapple with the anxieties tied to presenting.

And here's the secret: it's not about perfection; it's about connection.

This workshop is a safe haven for those who want to shine when presenting, even if it's in a foreign language. No need to be a professional speaker – this is about boosting your confidence and delivering your message effectively.

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Can you withstand and recover from difficult circumstances?

resilience and mindset mastery

Unleash Your Inner Champion: Embrace Resilience and Mindset Mastery

Imagine a world where challenges aren't roadblocks, but stepping stones to your success story.

Life's demands can feel overwhelming, and setbacks can leave us doubting our capabilities, but resilience is a skill that can be mastered:

  1. Uncover the power of your growth-mindset, shifting from limitations to possibilities.

  2. Learn how to rebound from setbacks, manage stress and stay focused.

  3. Boost your self-assurance, enhancing your belief in your abilities to conquer challenges.

This workshop is about building the resilience and mindset needed to thrive in a demanding world.

Do you really understand how humans make decisions?

selling and negotiating

Discover the hidden gears that drive human decision making.

Ever wondered what’s ticking in a client’s mind when you pitch a sale?

Each of us operates with six core social needs that silently steer our choices. To truly grasp these needs in others, first, you've got to decode them in yourself.


By blending the latest insights from neuroscience and attention research with real-world sales strategies, we’re offering a playbook for success that's both cutting-edge and deeply human:


  1. Brain-Based Insights

  2. Strategic Influence and Persuasion

  3. Adaptive Sales Techniques and holistic Negotiation Skills

Whether you're an enterprise aiming for higher sales targets or just keen on mastering the art of negotiation, this workshop offers a fresh perspective.

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"Age Diversity"?

age diversity and inclusion

Embrace Diversity, Ignite Unity: A Journey into Age Inclusion

Diversity is more than a buzzword; it's the backbone of innovation.


Our brains thrive on a blend of perspectives, each age bringing its unique wisdom to the table. But here's the real magic – for age inclusion to thrive outwardly, it must first ignite within us.

Discover how to:

  1. Define how different generations can spark dynamic teamwork in your specific business environment.

  2. Uncover your own beliefs and biases, fostering a foundation of empathy and connection.

  3. Learn how to leverage the strengths of each generation, to fuel innovation and a culture of shared growth.

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"I compare life with the content of a travel-bag. Every once in a while, I take out the stuff I don't need anymore and replace it with new inspriation."

Peggy Kaas

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